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  1. CTIA trying to add 'Shot Clock' language to Wireless Broadband Bill

    by , 23 Jan 2009 at 5:19 PM (Anvil Partners, LLC -- The Wireless Forge)
    Local Zoning Orinances Could be Federally Pre-empted.

    We have a new president, and in some cases, new representation in congress. We're facing unprecedented economic stress, and localities are facing myriad challenges to delivering public services -- from gutted budgets to RIFs to even elimination of entire departments.

    So naturally now is the time that the wireless infrastructure industry steps forward and introduces language into the broadband bill to pre-empt local ...

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  2. OK -- so I'm finding some interesting things in the news

    by , 18 Jan 2009 at 3:48 PM (Anvil Partners, LLC -- The Wireless Forge)
    C'mon -- it's 2009, times are tough and it's ok to let it all hang out -- at least that's what the news is looking like.

    Delay in the deployment of DTV could slow down other products industry wants to offer -- like live video to your phone, etc.

    Obama's support for national access to broadband didn't exactly warrant any inclusion of that initiative in the $6 Billion 'broadband bailout' -- at least if you pay attention to his transition team...and the FCC's appoach ...
  3. Are You Crazy?

    This question was seriously posed to me today by none other than the Dragon Lady (aka the boss). It was asked after what my plans for the spring semester entailed:

    12 credit hours in the graduate school split between planning and public policy-Debates in International Development, Community Economic Development, Poverty Issues in Developing Nations, and a directed research study measuring the tax revenue implications of the high rate of foreclosures in a selected NJ township.
  4. Ticks in the newswire...or is that the wireless news?

    by , 07 Jan 2009 at 12:57 PM (Anvil Partners, LLC -- The Wireless Forge)
    We've reached a watershed moment -- the internet is now officially more preferred as a news source than newspapers...I predict tightening the belt on family budgets will result in folks dropping the newspaper rather than dropping their internet connection. The fact that many folks are switching over to bundled services may catalyze that transition.

    The death of the general circulation newspaper -- is it possible? And while we're asking, what about the land line telephone...? ...

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  5. FCC embraces porn

    by , 02 Jan 2009 at 3:41 PM (Anvil Partners, LLC -- The Wireless Forge)
    The short story --

    The FCC originally proposed that they require whoever wins one of thier future auctions to provide a free broadband system, nationwide, within the next 10 years. Intended for families and folks of all ages, this system was to be filtered for porn and objectionable content.

    When the idea came under fire (from several sides) the FCC folded like a cheap suit, and offered to revise the requirement, so that it didn't include content filtering.
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