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  1. Banda Aceh, Indonesia

    So we spent the first leg of our semester abroad in Banda Aceh, Indonesia as I indicated in a previous post. After the jet lag kicked in and we all went comatose the first night shortly after dinner we treated ourselves to a pretty bang up buffet breakfast at the hotel which had both western and traditional Indonesian fare and was quite tasty.

    Vebry, our host, came with his caravan of vans to pick us up and give us a quick tour of Banda Aceh which if you didn't know was essentially ...
  2. Flight & Arrival in Asia

    The first country we visited was Indonesia and did I ever fall in love with the place! It took an amazing number of hours to fly there from the U.S.! First we flew from Newark to Chicago, then from Chicago to Hong Kong (we flew over the North Pole!), then to Singapore and I will say without hesitation that Changi Airport is the best airport I've ever seen in my life.

    My daughter Emily at Changi
  3. Doggie Day Care

    The major problem with doggie day care...is that after just one day of day care, the dog smell like he was at the kennel for a week. I hate to bath the dog all the time.
  4. Old posts, new users

    I'm looking forward to never making the following MySQL query again.

    UPDATE `post`, `user`
    SET `post`.`userid` = `user`.`userid`
    WHERE `post`.`username` = `user`.`username`
    AND `usergroupid` =19
    Actually, that query was a godsend, saving untold hours over the manual database edits I once made to accomplish the same thing.

    Today was a milestone in Cyburbia history ... well, at least on the back end. Almost every post, excluding those ...
  5. Baby bird

    A couple of bluejays made a nest right out my window. They are featherless right now.
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