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  1. Old posts, new users

    I'm looking forward to never making the following MySQL query again.

    UPDATE `post`, `user`
    SET `post`.`userid` = `user`.`userid`
    WHERE `post`.`username` = `user`.`username`
    AND `usergroupid` =19
    Actually, that query was a godsend, saving untold hours over the manual database edits I once made to accomplish the same thing.

    Today was a milestone in Cyburbia history ... well, at least on the back end. Almost every post, excluding those ...
  2. The Cyburbian: our first attempt at an email newsletter

    I've been on the Internet since 1987, long before where was such a thing as the World Wide Web, Gopher, or even planning-related mailing lists. My Internet experience began about a decade before the term "spam" became more commonly associated with unwanted email than potted meat product or a Monty Python sketch. In the good 'old days, email wasn't considered a broadcast medium. Outside of mailing lists that users subscribed to, email was for serious, technical one-on-one communications ...
  3. Cyburbia Manor

    A few years ago, I made a failed attempt at blogging. What subject could I blog about? If it's urban planning, why not just start a thread here? I could post about my personal life, but there's already too much information someone could easily find about me with a simple Google or Yahoo search.

    For years, I was an on-and-off follower of of Jerry Pournelle's Chaos Manor column in the late, lamented Byte magazine. If you're not familiar with Chaos Manor, Pournelle writes about the ...