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Planning in the American West

I am hot-wired to the American West. I was born and raised in the Deep South, but I have always been a Westerner. As a boy, the beginning of my Saturday was watching Roy Rogers and Gabby Hayes. My favorite movie or TV genre has always been the Western.

It was only natural I would move to the West. I began reading Montana magazine in college and fell in love with the state from afar.

I love the open spaces, the mountains, the rivers, the colorful history and the weather.

I became a planner after a few false starts at other professions. It suits my attachment to the land and my concern for the land.

I relish the differences of the planning profession out in the Interior West: the water scarcity, the vast expanses of public lands, the influence of agriculture and natural resource extraction, and the growing suburbanization of the West.

Things are different here, but we planners in the West face the most of the same issues planners elsewhere face. We are differently the same.

  1. Snow came and went!

    by , 14 Oct 2008 at 2:45 PM (Planning in the American West)
    We got snow this weekend. It snowed pretty much all day Sunday. Of course I didn't have my snow tires on the car yet, so I waited for things to settle down on the roads before venturing out.

    Every Fall on that first snow day people have to re-remember how to drive on ice and snow. I stay home and let the knuckleheads slip and slide around and into each other. Unfortunately one man was killed in a rollover on the interstate.

    The snow is gone now and temperatures are ...
  2. Indi . . .ah . . .Native American Summer

    by , 03 Oct 2008 at 4:12 PM (Planning in the American West)
    Still feeling like August here. I am not complaining. The shorter days are turning the leaves autumn colors but the temperatures remain mild.

    Probably should mow the lawn one more time and give the trees a good watering before the cold weather hits and I have to bleed the outside pipes.

    Who knows. Maybe the son won't need to treat-or-treat with long underwear under his Batman costume.