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    I browse through the nc planning listserve and the NC city and county manager's listserve daily. It looks to me like the league of munis is trying to help localities get a handle on how to acces funds and apply them to real projects.

    That being said, we have headlines every week on places reducing headcount, slashingbudgets and rolling back programs.

    I know several localities in SC have actually run out of cash and are asking the counties for advances on the property tax revenues...

    The stimulus money will put folks to work, but the local administrations are going to be hard pressed...

    I think the broadband money is going to create projects in places where folks are already busy focusing on other problems...
  2. Shellac And Vinyl VelocitY's avatar
    Fascinating perspective. Before I comment, do you have more information to add, now that the Economic Stimulus Plan has been signed?
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    I would have to agree this is not the kind of change that Obama is looking for. Obama has heavier issues that he is currently dealing with. The cell phone in today's society is almost as important as the air that we breathe. People spend millions of dollars a year to have the best cell phone possible. Maybe the questions that should be asked are how many people are walking around taking inappopriate pictures? Is this new law going to stop people from taking specific kinds of pictures? Our government takes pictures of it's citizens everyday is that alright? If there has to be a shutter sound when the camera goes off, then the same sound should be made when there is a picture taken of people when they see a camera that is placed within the city by city officials. These kinds of laws are very upsetting and really needs to be revised.