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A place to find emerging information on wireless communications infrastructure, and recent trends in land use controls to regulate it. Visit us on the web at http://thewirelessforge.blogspot.com/

  1. OK -- so I'm finding some interesting things in the news

    by , 18 Jan 2009 at 3:48 PM (Anvil Partners, LLC -- The Wireless Forge)
    C'mon -- it's 2009, times are tough and it's ok to let it all hang out -- at least that's what the news is looking like.

    Delay in the deployment of DTV could slow down other products industry wants to offer -- like live video to your phone, etc.

    Obama's support for national access to broadband didn't exactly warrant any inclusion of that initiative in the $6 Billion 'broadband bailout' -- at least if you pay attention to his transition team...and the FCC's appoach ...