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    Hello i just fresh in this game it fell a lot of enjoying of it but anyways,I come to the wonderful minds of the gamers to played at me with.
    I am opened to played anyone!
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    Hey you say you're going to have a poster at the conference? What will it be on? I'd be interested......I read your blogs about your trip to Asia, it sounded like the trip of a lifetime!

    It's funny how we always study planning within the context of U.S. cities but interesting when we apply planning knowledge to foreign cities.
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    An aww-inspiring blog entry if ever there was!
  4. Shellac And Vinyl VelocitY's avatar
    Your itinerary of Charleston activities made me yearn to visit there again. (That photo of the baby seal at the aquarium...!) My friend relocated there last year and has a guest room... hmmm...

    What Emily wrote in the sand... it was truly endearing. You are very blessed.

    Next year is her Sweet Sixteen!
  5. Shellac And Vinyl VelocitY's avatar
    Discovering your blog was like finding a hidden jewel. I came across it when I noticed that a sixth blogger had joined our small crew. (If there were only some way for us to modestly announce that we have started blogs!)

    I was impressed with Jackie Chan's helping to fund the Chinese Friendship Village in Indonesia. This aspect of his philanthropy is hardly publicized at all--at least in the U.S. (There just a few words mentioning this in the "Philanthropy" section of the Wikipedia article about him.)

    Did you take the photographs? Both they and your descriptions are absolutely superb. I will hold off asking questions because I think that many of them will be answered in your future blog entries, which I eagerly await. ~Seana