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Old posts, new users

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I'm looking forward to never making the following MySQL query again.

UPDATE `post`, `user`
SET `post`.`userid` = `user`.`userid`
WHERE `post`.`username` = `user`.`username`
AND `usergroupid` =19
Actually, that query was a godsend, saving untold hours over the manual database edits I once made to accomplish the same thing.

Today was a milestone in Cyburbia history ... well, at least on the back end. Almost every post, excluding those on the APA Iowa listserv gateway, or posted in complete anonymity before registration was required, is now associated with a user account. One of the most complicated tasks on the long Cyburbia to-do list is finally complete.

In many cases, I created new accounts with the poster's name -- at least the name that they used when they posted the message -- and the old posts associated with the new users. In other cases, we did a bit of detective work to associate old pre-vBulletin-era posts with those that formally joined Cyburbia after vBulletin was installed.

Almost all of the new accounts we created are set to "inactive" status. Users can't leave private or public messages to the accounts, or send them email. However, if someone comes along to claim old posts as theirs, we'll associate the posts with the "modern" user. We'll even activate an inactive account if the person associated with it chooses to become an active on Cyburbian again.

About a month ago, I completed the task of fixing the timestamps of pre-vBulletin messages; many imported through a tedious process of conversion across several message board systems, others manually cut-and-pasted shortly after the Cyburbia Forums moved from Discus to vBulletin in 2001. Along with the user accounts created for association with old posts, the entire posting history of the Cyburbia Forums should now appear seamless. There may still be a few old messages scattered around with "originally posted on" qualifiers, but we'll edit the messages and fix the timestamps as we find them.

If you happen across an old post that you made, and it's associated with someone else, let me know so I can correct it, and thank you for being a Cyburbian for so long.