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A revisitation...

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October marks the beginning of my favorite time of year. I love the change in seasons, but most of all I love the weather turning cooler. This year is a little different as I am 10 months into my "new" job in town. I walk to work most every day (unless, I bike.. or if I have to drive somewhere). One thing I miss though, as my evening walks home remind me of walking home from school in the late 80s as a lad, is the smell of woodsmoke and the "reality" that seemed to have gripped my old Denver neighborhood in which I grew up. Working and living in a newer subdivision just seems to lack the substance of Americana: the lack of large provide little in the way of visual fall foliage, the requirement of gas fireplaces ($1,000-2,000 option for the homes) provides an odorless walk, and there just seems to be less activity outside during these times.
Seems that times have changed enough to where people are more focused inward and keeping to themselves instead of out in the neighborhood. Perhaps when the trees grow more, people will be out raking leaves...