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Elections 2008

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I hope that the president-elect will bring change to this troubled nation. The economy is perhaps what turned the election in Obama's favor. Whether he can turn the economy around or play a big part in doing so I cannot predict.

Today at my Toastmasters meeting we discussed the election and questions were posed as to what needs fixing. I did not get my chance to speak but had I had the opportunity I would have said - "I would like to see our president-elect work on improving our standing in the world."

We should be the beacon of light and rightness that we once were, but we have lost our way. Scared and vengeful, we allowed our good name to be frittered away in the opinion of the world's people. We have allowed those in the current administration to blacken our country's honor with secret courts, imprisonment without due process and making war on a nation that was not involved in 9/11. We squandered our wealth on an unjust war and indebted our future to further finance it. Saddam Hussein was a terrible tyrant and an enemy to his own people, but why we attacked Iraq is still a mystery to me. We acheived nothing but misery.

So I hope President Obama will set a new and better course. Help fix the nation we broke. Close the secret prisons. Return due process to the prosecution of those who committed crimes of terrorism against us.

Mr. President, please restore our good name and standing among the nations. Show those who do not understand us that we are a powerful nation but also a just and compassionate nation. Let our good deeds and intentions speak louder than our military might. Be strong and just. Show even our enemies that we are a people who will treat them justly. Let us talk with our enemies and try to find a way to make a mutually beneficial peace. Put aside the policies that have not worked and chart a new path.

Lead us to the right path and we shall follow.


  1. Shellac And Vinyl VelocitY's avatar
    On the first day of this week's inaugural activities, your message to Barack Obama is perhaps more poignant and apropos than than ever.