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CapAsia Reflections

Birthday Festivities

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Usually I tend to do things pretty low key, birthdays included. Since all of you 'round here sent me tons of wishes and the phone rang pretty non-stop from calls originating in about 10 time zones around the world it was nice to be remembered! Dinner was at the Cheescake Factory and the required "food coma" was achieved

The R.T. has it a little difficult since her funding is provided by me and she doesn't have a ride anywhere so she has to get creative in regards to my birthday gift (not required at all). She did not disappoint this year. She made an abstract art type card from a cut up shopping bag crafted into a mosaic and accented by blue tissue paper. The note inside was the most brilliant thing ever given to me. Have I said before how much I love this kid and the person she has become?

The Note:

Dear Mom,

It's finally your 35th birthday, 20 years apart from me. I don't know how to describe how much you mean to me as my very own mother. And I don't think that I show it enough how grateful I am. You are cooler than most moms out there, you let me go out late sometimes, and give me some freedom. You are always there supporting me in anything I do, even though you never can be on time if your life depended on it. You let me go a semester abroad with you to southeast Asia, what parent does that? Well that would be you, without any doubts or hesitation. You always have done your best to help me with anything. I don't think you realize how much I love you as my very own mother. You have always filled my life at an early start with world travel, classical music, theater plays at the McCarter, interpreting art for me at the Met. You have never forced me into doing anything I have not wanted to do. You mean the world to me and nothing can change that.

I love you mom. Happy 35th Birthday.

How freaking cool is that!!!!!