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Ticks in the newswire...or is that the wireless news?

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We've reached a watershed moment -- the internet is now officially more preferred as a news source than newspapers...I predict tightening the belt on family budgets will result in folks dropping the newspaper rather than dropping their internet connection. The fact that many folks are switching over to bundled services may catalyze that transition.

The death of the general circulation newspaper -- is it possible? And while we're asking, what about the land line telephone...?

More bad news from up north (but not Illinois)...Verizon and a certain politico in PA have been operating in a less than transparent manner. Seems former state rep Vincent Fumo may have been stretching the public trust in order to influence Verizon's former president, Daniel Whelan -- while 'mugging' Verizon for some $50 Million...It's not really clear how many $Millions$ were at play here, and it's staggering to guess that this might be the tip of the iceberg -- if this kind of activity occured elsewhere (tell me it couldn't happen -- I dare you).

The Governor of Alabama speaks out to encourage rural broadband expansion -- while not exactly cutting edge, it's nice to see folks sticking up for things that in the long run are going to make a difference...kudos to you Bob Riley! --It is an idea, however, that's going to take more thought and consensus building...which is just the kind of thing most planners love to chew on...

I'm thinking it's going to take some reform to really get something like national broadband going, and I'd bet Larry Lessig's idea just might work. Wonder if the new president's visions stretch that far?

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