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Cyburbia Manor

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A few years ago, I made a failed attempt at blogging. What subject could I blog about? If it's urban planning, why not just start a thread here? I could post about my personal life, but there's already too much information someone could easily find about me with a simple Google or Yahoo search.

For years, I was an on-and-off follower of of Jerry Pournelle's Chaos Manor column in the late, lamented Byte magazine. If you're not familiar with Chaos Manor, Pournelle writes about the daily trials and tribulations of the technology that he uses on a day-to-day basis, especially the many computers around his house.

At home, I've only got two computers that I use most of the time; a homemade PC that undergoes the occasional motherboard, video card hard drive update, and an aging but still faithful Apple iBook 1.5 MHz G4 laptop. There's a third computer I use daily, though - the server that powers Cyburbia. Why not blog about this site itself? There's the little day-today things that go with operating a Web site that aren't really worthy of announcing in the Cyburbia Issues and Help subforum, such as the agony of upgrading software, the ongoing battle against spammers, and the strange emails that arrive from jobseekers in developing nations.

In this blog, I'll attempt to make the boring behind-the-scenes stuff sound fascinating and interesting. Enjoy.


  1. Rem's avatar
    For a start, a blog about Cyburbia is going to make me (and others I suspect) fell guilty about how much work (as well as love and attention) you put into Cyburbia for a bunch of faceless, thankless, good for nothing, planner wannabees.
  2. Streck's avatar
    Thanks Dan for an informative and interactive planning website!