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CapAsia Reflections

Are You Crazy?

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This question was seriously posed to me today by none other than the Dragon Lady (aka the boss). It was asked after what my plans for the spring semester entailed:

12 credit hours in the graduate school split between planning and public policy-Debates in International Development, Community Economic Development, Poverty Issues in Developing Nations, and a directed research study measuring the tax revenue implications of the high rate of foreclosures in a selected NJ township.

Continuing to work two days a week on the dying project that the Dragon Lady is managing and also expanding my work on the utterly fascinating foreclosure data project I've been a part of for over a year. I've started going to the Supreme Court to examine case files rather than relying on data sent from the county courts and the research has been fruitful.

I also have a poster on exhibit at the APA National Conference which I will be attending for the very first time, have some outstanding academic requirements from my time in Asia, and I try to manage a teenager in the middle of all this.

I'm not crazy yet, but I might be in May. Check back then.


  1. Jazzman's avatar
    Hey you say you're going to have a poster at the conference? What will it be on? I'd be interested......I read your blogs about your trip to Asia, it sounded like the trip of a lifetime!

    It's funny how we always study planning within the context of U.S. cities but interesting when we apply planning knowledge to foreign cities.