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OK -- so I'm finding some interesting things in the news

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C'mon -- it's 2009, times are tough and it's ok to let it all hang out -- at least that's what the news is looking like.

Delay in the deployment of DTV could slow down other products industry wants to offer -- like live video to your phone, etc.

Obama's support for national access to broadband didn't exactly warrant any inclusion of that initiative in the $6 Billion 'broadband bailout' -- at least if you pay attention to his transition team...and the FCC's appoach won't be ressurected anytime soon either. Clearwire and Andy Seybold have ideas that might help, but both have down sides.

There's one white knight out there trying to do something, but they're small and could use help (One Economy)

From live video in your car to internet on United flights, it's going to be a wild ride in 2009 --

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