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Life in a NYC Suburb

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Thanks Dan for the blog. I have another blog for renovating my vintage camper at metzendorf.blogspot.com and thought I would use this to chronical nyc suburb life.

I live on a 1/2 acre about 35 miles north of NYC and only about 1/2 mile as the crow flies from the Hudson River. The area is part of the Hudson Highland Biodiversity Corridor. The house is a fixer upper as it was what I could afford in what is known as an affluent suburb. I am on well water and a septic system and dream of day when the sewer will come down the road. The septic system is working, but it would be better for the 36-acre pond I live on, Wallace Pond.
I grew up in upstate NY where gardening is easy. Here I live on the northside of a hill and outcroppings and boulders pop out of the ground. I also have to deal with a HUGE population of white tail deer that love to dine on anything.
So here I will begin my droll ramblings of livin in the burbs of NYC. The trafiic, the pond, the oak trees, Camp Smith military base, the Hudson River and Highlands, the sounds and weather.