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Planning in the American West

Springtime in the Rockies

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It has been a while since I last posted my blog.

It must be Spring in Montana because the dandelions are growing like nobody's business in my yard, much to the chagrin of myself and the annoyance of my neighbors. Dandelions are amazing plants, really. Cut them down and a day later they are ready with new seeds to spread. No wonder they are everywhere.

My son turns eight tomorrow. I look at him and I see the little guy he used to be. I wish he could have stayed four or five longer. Those were great ages for him and his father. Six and seven have been great too. Now he is a day short of eight, and still cute as can be and a lot of fun, but not that little guy. Life is what happens to you when you are busy doing something else.

Six or seven of his friends will descend on our house with presents and a desire to tear our home and yard apart. My wife isn't pleased at the prospect. I hope they all have a blast, make a big mess and my son has a big smile about the whole day.

Before I had a child I did not care much about them. Now that I am a father I think kids are my favorite people.

I think it will be a good Spring and Summer. Money is a little tight. We will be staying close to home. We are lucky to live in a place where there are plenty of awesone places to go and new things to see close by.


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