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Sidewalk cutout to nowhere

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Discovered in Washington Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey. ... Suffice to say, there's one on the other side, as well.


  1. Gedunker's avatar
    Your federal court district has ruled that road improvements, including pavement replacement, is an activity that triggers the ADA. I'm guessing here, but I get the sense that someone made a decision to add ramps in the first phase of the improvement project and let the sidewalks wait until the vacant land develops. It's not an undefensible decision: it is certainly preferable to put the ramps in now and avoid federal litigation. Obviously, it would be better to build the walks as well, but hard decisions have to be made sometimes.
  2. DebWNJ's avatar
    I agree that the idea of curb cuts is a good one. The law says that any road with a significant alteration after 1992 has to have curb cuts. It's just that many of these intersections will *never* be pedestrian-friendly. On my blog, Curb Cuts to Nowhere, I have one that sits beside a Superfund site.
  3. B Michael's avatar
    A little random but. . .

    Any ideas of how to remove these 4 X 4 posts surrounded by concrete - seems to be a lot of concrete maybe 50 lbs on each of 125 posts. Three feet down and now I have to lay down! any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  4. Dan's avatar
    Future sidewalk?
  5. developmentguru's avatar
    What's frustrating, however, is when you have these nice new ramps virtually all over your city, but your city leadership refuses to make any ordinance requirements that enforce building of sidewalks!