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    Programs / scripts

    Cyburbia is powered by several commercial and open source programs, which have been modified to offer user and data integration. A single account can be used for the entire site.

    vBulletin, a commercial message board and content management system script, forms the core of Cyburbia. vBulletin directly powers the Cyburbia Forums, Buzz (RSS feed aggregator), member blogs, articles and columns, and some other parts of the site. Cyburbia usually uses the most current release version of vBulletin.

    The Cyburbia Gallery is powered by Photopost, a commercial image gallery and photo sharing program that is integrated with vBulletin.

    All pages on Cyburbia are dynamically generated. vBulletin and Photopost are written in PHP, a scripting/programming language that creates Web pages from data stored in a MySQL relational database.

    Former features / programs / scripts

    The front end of the site formerly used vBDrupal, a fork of the open source Drupal content management system that was modified to be tightly integrated with vBulletin. Development on vBDrupal has stopped. vBDrupal on Cyburbia was replaced with vBulletin 4 Suite in October 2011.


    Cyburbia is hosted on a Linux-based virtual private server (VPS) from Liquid Web. The server, and all Liquid Web technical support staff, are located in Lansing, Michigan USA.