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    Cyburbia welcomes original articles and editorials on topics related to planning, urbanism, and the built environment. Articles may be unpublished, or something you wrote for a blog, Web site, or other venue. If you're interested, send an email at cyburbia (at) cyburbia (dot) org.

    Articles and opinion

    Articles and editorials should be original works on a topic of interest to urban planners and urbanists. Articles and editorials should be between 500 and 2,000 words. Articles with a local focus should have some appeal to those who don't live or work in the area.

    Republishing blog articles

    We welcome articles that have first appeared on your blog or Web site. It's a win-win! We get content in a form that some prefer to message board posts and threads, and you get exposure and links from a PR7 site that is visited by thousands every day.

    If your article appeared to a blog or Web site, we will include prominent links to the blog and the original article. If you're the author of a recently published book, we'll also include a link to its Web site, or a place where it can be bought online.


    We do not publish advertorials or paid editorials.

    Published name

    Articles and editorials may be published under your real name, or your Cyburbia Forums username if you are a member.


    Voices articles will be linked to a discussion thread on the Cyburbia Forums, so others can comment, and authors may respond.


    Authors will retain the copyright for articles published on Cyburbia. We will only retain compilation copyright for this Web site.

    As an alternative, authors may also choose to publish their work under a Creative Commons license of their choice. The Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives (by-nc-nd) license is recommended.


    Cyburbia is owned and operated by poor planners. As with newspaper editorial letters, peer-reviewed journals, and commercial planning news sites, Cyburbia does not pay for articles.