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    The Cyburbia Forums (http://www.cyburbia.org/forums) is the heart of the Cyburbia community. Hundreds of regular users or "Cyburbians" visit the Forums every day to trade thoughts on planning, the built environment, issues facing their communities, and other topics of interest. Discussion is friendly, intelligent, civil, and spam- and troll-free most of the time yet often informal and light-hearted.

    A large majority of Cyburbia Forums users are practicing planners, students, and those in allied professions such as architecture, landscape architecture, geographic information systems, and public administration. Many active Cyburbia members aren't planners, but are still interested in the shaping of the built environment.

    The Forums has fostered a close-knit community, both on-line and off. There are frequent member gatherings. Two marriages and many real-world friendships have resulted from meeting through the Cyburbia Forums. Many also found jobs through the connections they made here. Cyburbians aren't cliquish, and the community welcomes new members. Join us today!

    Frequently asked questions

    The FAQ page (http://www.cyburbia.org/forums/faq.php) includes answers to many questions about about Cyburbia and its features.


    Forums rules are posted here (http://www.cyburbia.org/forums/showthread.php?14714). A very brief summary:
    • Don't be a jerk.
    • Keep a working email address that doesn't block mail from cyburbia.org.
    • Don't share user accounts or create sockpuppet accounts.
    • Don't spam, astroturf, troll, try to convert non-believers or believers, or post illegal or work-unsafe content.
    • Don't make ad hominem attacks; criticize ideas, not people.
    • Avoid post padding and low-content posts.
    • Avoid offensive and non-safe-for-work posts, images, links and profile details.
    • Don't steal bandwidth by hotlinking images from sites that don't allow it.
    • Don't maliciously hack the site.
    • Respect copyright and intellectual property rights.
    Cyburbia Forums membership

    Anyone may join the Cyburbia Forums, regardless of whether they're a planner or not. Forum registration is fast, and accounts are created immediately. Register now at http://www.cyburbia.org/forums/register.php.

    Accounts with invalid email addresses, or those using a challenge-response spam blocking service such as Boxbe, may be deleted without notice. Suspicious accounts may be banned. New accounts from "spam friendly" countries will be approved or rejected manually.

    We won't send you spam or disclose any personal information. We may send infrequent notices related to the site (usually every two to six months), and you can easily unsubscribe from them.

    Moderation / staff

    The Cyburbia Forums are moderated by a group of volunteers, all professional planners in the United States and Canada.