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  • Random Access Weekend: 19 November 2011

    Atlantic Cities: 9 Beautiful Pedestrian Bridges Not Designed by Santiago Calatrava
    BLDGBLOG: Project Ice Shield
    GridChicago: Talking transportation with former Milwaukee mayor John Norquist
    Jalopnik: The Ten Craziest Intersections in the World
    New York Times: Fort Collins Envisions the Future on Its Own Terms
    New York Times: Re-engineering New York: More Than a Sci-Fi Dream?
    Treehugger: World's Tallest Prefab To Be Built in Brooklyn? Fuggedaboutit.
    Unwinding: Every Architect Ever
    Washington Post: Wal-Mart plans to open six stores in the District
    Web Urbanist: Altered Abandonments: Marjan Teeuwen’s Destroyed Houses