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    The Job Board is a forum where Cyburbia Forums users can post planning-related job listings for anyone to read. Posts in the Job Board are also linked from the front page of Cyburbia. Job listings on Cyburbia are viewed by thousands of planners and recent graduates every month.

    Job Board guidelines

    Job Board posting guidelines can be viewed here.


    25 posts or $20. What a bargain!

    Cyburbia Forums members with 25 posts or more may post job announcements in the Job Board at no charge.

    If you're not a Cyburbia Forums member, or you have less than 25 posts, you can post job listings by becoming a Cyburbian Plus member for only $20 a year. Cyburbian Plus members may post job listings in the Job Board, regardless of how many posts they have.

    It's only fair!

    Planning organization and news sites charge up to $100 for job listings. If you paid for your ad to appear on another Web site, we'd appreciate it if you could also help contribute to the continued operation of this site. Donations may be made by Paypal to cyburbia (at) cyburbia (dot) org, or by sending a check to the address listed on the contact page.