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    Cyburbia started in 1994 as a hierarchical directory of planning-related Web sites. Although the directory is gone, we still stumble across a lot of interesting Web sites that we'd like to share with you. Thus, Site of the Day.

    Site of the Day is not an award. There is no badge for featured sites to display. We don't accept payment to be a Site of the Day. It's just a way to keep the spirit of the old Cyburbia Resource Directory alive, direct some attention towards Web sites that deserve some love from the planning community, and of course, attract more visitors to the front page of this site.


    There are no set criteria for Site of the Day. Sites representative of those we want to feature include:
    • Blogs that are regularly updated and well written.
    • Sites that include interesting interactive features or maps.
    • Sites that offer significant free content to visitors.
    • Complete digital books.
    • Planning, geography or architecture geekery.
    • Projects or programs featuring progressive or cutting-edge planning.
    • Generally, high-quality, content-rich sites made by planning or government agencies, non-profit organizations, students, school studios, or individuals.
    Sites representative of those that will not be featured on Site of the Day include:
    • Sites that are more promotional in nature. This includes, but is not limited to, university department sites; planning /and consulting firms; and sites promoting books, seminars, and conferences.
    • Professional organizations and any local or topical divisions.
    • Planning agency sites, excepting sites featuring interesting projects.
    • Sites that are too abstract, esoteric and/or cryptic (i.e. many landscape urbanism sites, European studio-style urbanism sites, etc).
    • Commercial sites that offer little content to non-paying visitors.
    • Sites that pay to advertise on other planning-related Web sites.
    • Sites that include prominent links to many other popular planning sites, but not to Cyburbia.
    Know about a great planning site? Tell us!

    Send an email to cyburbia (at) cyburbia (dot) org if you want to tell us about a planning-related Web site you think our visitors might be interested in. We aren't obligated to feature any site we are told about as a Site of the Day.