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  • Post of the Day: Examples of suburban, auto-friendly corridors with a strong sense of place?

    FueledByRamen writes:

    I'm looking for examples of commercial corridors in suburban settings that maintain a strong sense of place. Ideally, corridors that:
    • Are pedestrian/bicycle friendly
    • Have a good public/private interface along the streetscape, even with minimal parking between bldgs and ROW
    • Are fairly high intensity without being very high density (i.e., few multistory buildings)
    • Easily accessed by car
    • Along a major (4-6 lane) arterial (bonus points if its a State Highway!)
    • Mixture of commercial uses (retail, dining, office) and maybe some residential
    I am NOT looking for corridors where 3+ story mixed use buildings all pulled right up to the ROW line. Also--again, ideally--it would be great if these corridors are well-enough studied that I can find photos online.

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