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  • Post of the Day: Multifamily units front arterial or internal street?

    UrbaneSprawler writes:

    I'm curious to get opinions on this. In the sketch below it shows a multifamily development where the units on the bottom front (with a 30' setback) an arterial street with traffic in the range of 30,000 vpd. Above these units are parking, followed by garages, and then an internal street system. My opinion would be that this south half of the photo would be better off "flipped" with the bottom units fronting the internal street and the parking lot and garages face the arterial. The planners around the office have dismissed this concept. I suspect it's due to wanting to avoid showcasing the back of garages and parking along the arterial street and perhaps making the arterial street feel more pedestrian friendly as a result (though it may be fenced anyway and then no longer visible). In my non-planner view, the units would benefit noise-wise from being further setback from a busy roadway and the units would help better "frame" the internal street system, which without units on both sides of the internal street, loses an opportunity to create a more vibrant internal street system and internal neighborhood as a whole. What am I not getting I guess in having my opinion?

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