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  • Post of the Day: Municipal bike-ped website - liability risk?

    MacheteJones writes:

    We're working on a climate action plan in the community I plan for, and one of the draft recommendations that I proposed for the plan would be for the municipality to create a bicycle and pedestrian web page that would contain recommended bike routes on low traffic streets, point out areas with sidewalks, and have information on the health and environmental benefits of walking and biking.

    I presented this concept to my planning director and was shot down on account that such a website would create a potential liability for the municipality - reason being that if someone were to get hurt while following one of the recommended routes, the municipality could be subect to a lawsuit. Is there a way to do this while reducing the lawsuit risk, or is the only way to pull this off to create a full-blown bike/ped plan with screenline counts, consultant engineers, and the works? Thanks, everyone.

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