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  • Post of the Day: Allowing off-premise signs in special districts

    FightingIllini07 writes:

    Currently the sign section of our zoning ordinance is pretty restrictive to off premise signs, we require 1,000' separation.

    The issue we've ran into is we have a newly created medical district off of the downtown which has 3-4 major employers. These major employers and and rents a number of parcels that they use for parking and other ancillary functions. They want to install signs on these properties which direct individuals to the main building or to other sites on their individual campus.

    Code Enforcement is saying signs directing people to the main buildings on these sites count as off-premise signs, meaning that as this area developers we are going to run into a whole bunch of requests for variances.

    Do any of you know of ways that this is treated? Our initial thoughts were to either alter the definition of off-premise signs to allow for properties which support nearby uses to be excluded or create an overlay district for this area or the urban core in general.

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