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  • Post of the Day: Planners reporting other planners

    Urbane Sprawler writes:

    In my neck of the woods, engineers who questioned the structural design of a school are now being investigated by the state board for failing to notify the board of their concerns. Engineers who sounded alarms about Meeker school face complaints

    As an engineer, I was just wondering about whether the planning profession has had situations of notifying the APA of planning concerns. Certainly this happens on matters of ethics, but what I'm more curious to know about is whether someone's made a case of reporting concerns about someone else's planning vision, design, etc.? Presumably professional planners are required to report other planners who fail to meet the standards of the practice; what examples are there outside of ethics?

    Has an AICP Jane Jacobs-type planner ever reported another AICP planner for being a Robert Moses type planner? Has a member of CNU ever reported to CNU about a planner who didn't go the full Duany?

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