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  • Post of the Day: Reflecting On The 20th Congress For The New Urbanism

    Hilldweller writes:

    The New Urbanism horse has been pummeled pretty hard in this forum over the years, but the 20th anniversary of the Congress of New Urbanism is a good point to take stock of what the movement has accomplished in the last two decades, a period which witnessed major demographic shifts and a painful economic restructuring. What do we make of CNU's influence on urban planning, and what has the movement meant in terms of a translation into actual built environment outcomes? Is the push for neotraditional urban design progressing, stagnant, or failing? Has it been comprised by an emphasis on automobile-dependent projects on the urban fringe? Is urbanism any more of a desirable living arrangement as a result of the CNU? It's time for an honest assessment of NU, the neverending esoteric debates over sprawl vs. walkable communities are getting tired at this point.

    Here's a link to an article about the 20th Congress of New Urbanism, by an author sympathetic to the movement: http://www.theatlanticcities.com/des...20th-cnu/1970/

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