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  • Post of the Day: Need Help Getting Rid of a "Happy Ending" Massage Parlor

    luluhead writes:

    We have this Asian massage place which offers "happy endings". A guy is an owner/manager and the lady does the job (husband and wife). We do not allow free standing massage parlors. We allow only offices of the licensed massage therapists. Licensed massage therapist has to come in, show active license from the state. About three years ago, person who worked before me did not check the license and let the husband, not the lady, be the applicant and let them open.

    Now the landlord is kicking them out and they are looking to relocate. I told the guy that his "wife" will have to come in and apply herself and show active massage therapist's license. Which she does not have. She has body wrapper's license which is a subcategory of a cosmetology license.Now my concern is, if she comes in herself and puts in an application to open up a cosmetology salon. I will have to approve it. But they will continue calling themselves Asian massage and advertise as such. Even their official business name (as registered with the state) contains words Asian Massage.

    My objective here is to not let them open in a new location. Any help and advise greatly appreciated.

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