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Thread: Concept for new building in Bangkok [Was: Oh Yeah.....]

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    Concept for new building in Bangkok [Was: Oh Yeah.....]

    Cue the Barry White Soundtrack......

    Check out this building CONCEIVED in BANGKOK8-! Me thinks Sigismund Schlomo Freud is digging his way out of the grave to have a chat with the architect on this project about his relationship with his mother.

    Warning Stupid Technical Question: By the way, can someone tell me if the above image were attached to this post, would that be considered leaching....and if so, how do you tell???
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    Moderator note:

    TO: 1) There's no explicit or even implicit permission to leech the image, so it's stealing bandwidth and possibly violating copyright law;
    2) Thread titles in the professional forums must describe the thread: teaser titles are not permitted. Thread title edited.
    3) Thank you and carry on.

    Yes, it is in intriguing form
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    Quote Originally posted by Gedunker View post
    , it is in intriguing form
    hehe.. although at heart it looks like a more ...suggestive... update on the classic LA Capitol Records building.

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    It also reminds me of the Swiss Re building in London. Or as it is more commonly called: The pickle building.

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