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Thread: In Soviet Russia, city plans YOU!: a celebration of the Commieblock

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    In Soviet Russia, city plans YOU!: a celebration of the Commieblock

    After viewing a few articles on English Russia, the site leaves you with the impression that the former Soviet Union makes the legendary weirdness of Florida seem absolutely normal in comparison.

    A few days ago, they published an article titled How Do You Like Such Urban Planning? There's few words; just tens of photos of the contemporary urban landscape in Russia that celebrates the much-maligned Commieblock. Commieblocks are maligned for a reason; a few photos from the article.

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    Love the title of the thread!

    I keep staring at this picture assuming it's a fake. How in the world could this have been built to be structurally stable?
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    I like those circular ones, if you could pick your neighbors. That center courtyard could be an amazing place, and let the outside world go to hell. I have always wanted a house like that on a smaller scale, like a Roman villa or a Monolithic Dome house made with a torus design (like a donut).

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    To be fair, there are urban neighborhoods where high rise living could be very desirable. The high density of these developments could also allow cities to offer walkable districts, transit, and other qualities some of our American cities lack. The problem, of course, is that the communist system did not allow trendy shopping districts to develop, and the quality of construction was notoriously so poor that the apartments were not at all desirable.
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