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Thread: need to find a new job

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    Nov 2003
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    need to find a new job

    To all MD, No. VA, DC area planners,

    I'm not sure on how to say this, or if this is even the appropriate forum, but I need to find a new job. My current position is not challenging at all; and I would like to find a job that pertains to planning directly. I am asking for any and all suggestions to find jobs at public agencies, fed. gov't., or private consulting firms who may be hiring in the very near future. If necessary, I can 'inbox' you my resume and references. I would love to stay in the area, since I'm getting married next summer. However, I have not ruled out the Boston and the rest of the Mid-Atlantic (Phila., New Jersey, NYC area) either. Thank in advance for considering my plight.

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    Jun 2003
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    TNOS there is a big shortage of planners in Australia. Try here. Further afield than you nominated but it might be time to think outside the square.

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