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Thread: sq. ft. per employee

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    sq. ft. per employee

    Anyone have tips on where to find sq. ft. per employee estimates for different use categories? Are there standards for this kind of thing? I haven't done this stuff for a long time and need some basic data to plug into an impact anlaysis study.

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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    There was a thread on this in the Design, Spaceand Place section a while back...hopefully I've pasted the link correctly here.


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    Mar 2002
    Burlington, Vermont
    I had the same question. The ULI Office Development Handbok; ULIs' Dollars and Sense for Shopping Centers; Industrial Development Handbook. Burchel and Listokin's "The Fiscal Impact Handbook" and the ITE Trip Generationbook all can provide general reference for you. They all also come with plenty of caveats.

    What I did recently was to create my own database by getting the number of employees per employer in each sector and researching the employers building square feet (lister information). Then I had locally specific employees/sqft which proved valuable for my purposes. Good Luck.

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