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Thread: Traffic Impacts

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    Jan 2004
    Louisville, Kentucky

    Traffic Impacts

    I am trying to develop "citizen" friendly vocablulary for describing traffic impacts. A finding of "no significant" impact is inflamatory to existing neighbors. I am working with a county planning commission for whom traffic impact studies are new. They are beginning to understand Level of Service and capacity. Does anyone have language they use that works or suggestions of language to stay away from?

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    Dec 2003
    "Traffic calming", "Pedestrian friendly" is good when trying to decrease the impact of the auto on an existing roadway. Personally, I like these round-abouts they've been restoring around here.
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    Aug 2001
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    I disagree with the Tuna. Do not use planning buzzwords. Instead, use ordinary language to describe the situations. Talk about "bumper-to-bumper traffic" or "dangerous intersections." Use illustrations. I recently sent one to a board showing three alternative configurations for an intersection of three roads; the original, one proposed, and an alternative. I highlighted the number of stops each would require, and referred to angles as "having to look back over your shoulder to see if any traffic is coming." In other words, I used everyday language to describe the situation. Most of the board would have known what I meant if I used planning jargon, but they appreciated the explanation they could more easily grasp, as did the public. They also agreed with the staff recommendation.
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    Feb 1998
    Greensburg, Kansas
    I, too, would shy away from buzz words--or at least introduce them slowly. For the opposite of "pedestrian friendly", I often say: "Imagine walking up to this intersection with a baby stroller." Takes a while, but they remember the image.

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