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Thread: Hydroseeding

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    I have started to hear allot about hydroseeding lately. I do not know much about it and tonight I saw a hydroseeder for sale on ebay. I would like to know if anyone has experience with hydroseeding and what is it exactly? Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    It's not quite like the bim, bam thankyou ma'm as indicated. There is an entire industry that has grown up around the practice. Overall, as in any landscape process, there are two basic tradeoffs (time vs. money). You can have a very expensive, elaborate, mature landscape (quickly) if you are ready to spend the money to achieve it or you can have the same result if you are willing to spend the time. Hydroseeding is the time tradeoff, regular sodding of a project will cost roughly $.50 per square foot (w/o soil prep) and provide a mowable stand of grass in roughly two to four weeks. Hydroseeding will cost approx. $.15 to $.25 per square foot(w/o soil prep) and provide the same turf area in about six weeks. One of the big plus's for the practice is that once you have established the optimum grade/seedbed it doesn't get mucked up from the equipment that would drive over it if you sodded. Another one is that you can select your own seed mix in stead of the sod farm mix.

    NOTE: The cost may vary according to your particular area; my area is Colorado.

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