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    To anyone who can answer:

    I am looking to find out how many architects there are in the world. There are 6 billion people on earth at present and I thought I heard that there are only 1,000,000 practicing architects. Can anyone confirm this for me and offer me a site to confirm it?

    Thank you in advance for our help,


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    I'm designing my own vacaion house, does that make me an architect? What about design/build firms where an engineer is more than likely the person designing the building? Do we include landscape architects? Any numbers you get are likely to be questionalble, But here are a couple ideas: 1) check with AIA and ASLA to see what numbers they might give you; and 2) check to see what numbers the Bureau of Labor Statistics may have. Both are likely to only help in guessing numbers for the U.S., though. Let us know what you find out.

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    Thank you Michael for your suggestions but I have already been to the AIA, the UIA the UN, the World Bank, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, QUID among others and there is no number. I am looking for registered architects, those who have been through the grind of studies etc, not the CEO's house wife. My research is to shock governments and institutes into becoming a strong force for developiung housing development at the grass roots level in all countries where ill housing exists. This will show that the task we have as architects is much more overwhelming than the public and the private sector is aware of.

    Only "FASHION" architects get any respect or attention and we know they only design for that minimal elite that gets coverage. Only rarely does an architect like Mocbee ever get some kind of coverage. What about those strugling architects who are helping Human Settlelmnets set roots? There is such a wonder of opportunities for architects in developing housing construction systems adaptable and sustainably maintained in every country in the world. And I don't mean the feable attempts that Habitat for Humanities is doing at the onesy twosy level. We are talking of a potential market of 4 billion people who are ill housed around the world, not to mention the homeless of the developped world. If you are interrested in this subject we can develop it on this site. Please contact me if you are interested in developing this further.


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