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Thread: Site ideas for design thesis

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    Site ideas for design thesis

    I am currently working on my thesis entitled, 'Designing experientially significant outdoor spaces for the blind and visually disabled', I am now at the point where I have to choose a site to apply what I have learned from my research to an actual design. I am having a problem finding a site to use though. I am looking for a smaller scale site (less than 10 hectares)anywhere in the world. The only thing that I really require is that there is a lot of information available (photos, topo info, etc.)Any suggestions?

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    Have you had any useful responses from all these other places you've posted your question?


    i know of a small area at strybing, in sf, but it's no big deal.

    maybe additionally search for sensory gardens?

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    Where u r from Nadia

    Hi nadia. i am sajid. i am curious to know where u r from?

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    Quote Originally posted by sajid_sp View post
    Hi nadia. i am sajid. i am curious to know where u r from?
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