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Thread: grass-crete alternatives

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    grass-crete alternatives

    I am trying to locate the material that is similar to grass-crete in look, but can support fire trucks. Can you provide me with a manufacturer or another resource? I had a brochure in my hand several years ago, but alas, it has disappeared.

    Or if you have other suggestions for secondary access points that are restricted from general public access, I'd appreciate them as well.

    Thank you!!

    Stacy AM Snell

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    Aug 2001
    I've seen emergency only gates set up although you would have to have a way to open them.

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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    You can get the product information via the American Society of Landscape Architecture web site. If it is only for emergency access, do you really need it?

    In the Chicago area, where police and maintenance vehicles need to get down off-road (paved) bike paths, they use a bollard to block motorized vehicles (a fenced on either side and a bollard in the middle of the path). The bollard is on a hinge that lets it drop down to let the vehicle pass over. They are locked, and I assume all police/fire/maintenance vehicles have a key?

    Might prevent problems like the 90-some year old woman who drove down a sidewalk along the lakefron, and onto a wooden boardwalk where she wedged her car in.

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