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Thread: What will architecture and landscape schools of the future look like?

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    What will architecture and landscape schools of the future look like?

    These are all burning questions that prod me as I begin the process of choosing a place to study Architecture and Landscape Architecture (yes, a double whammy). If there is anyone who can help me to clarify this vision of the future, please feel free to respond. A healthy debate will be appreciated.



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    What will architecture and landscape schools of the future look like?

    I too am looking into landscape architecture graduate schools- mostly those schools that have both a landscape architecture program and a strong natural resources/environmental science department. I believe a landscape architect must have a solid understanding of the natural and physical sciences-- for the landscape architect cannot design a healthy and functional landscape without such. I also believe that landscape architecture schools should impart on their students a need to educate the public or private gardener the need to live sustainably-- i.e. use rain barrels, etc. So in short I would like to see (and have found several) landscape architecture programs teaching and practicing methods leading the student toward functional, educational, totally environmentally minded, and aesthetically brilliant designs.

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    I agree with you, Bess, and I'm looking into graduate schools now as well. I'd appreciate hearing which schools met your criteria. You might look at Cal Poly, Pomona, whose landscape program revolves around ecosystem concerns.

    Has anyone heard of the reputation of Cal Poly? As an undergrad institution, it is not very competetive, so I'm wondering how the graduate program is viewed.

    Also, if anyone knows of good resources for researching landscape architecture schools, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you,

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    Check out Ball State University in Indiana. Their web address is www.bsu.edu. Their College of Architecture and Planning includes Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and Environmental Design. They have recently launched a design incubator with the city of Indianapolis, very interesting stuff going on there.

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