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Thread: Patron Saint for Planners?

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    Cyburbian SW MI Planner's avatar
    Feb 2002

    Patron Saint for Planners?

    Just curious....is there a patron saint for planners?

    Search on google resulted in Jane Jacobs and William Whyte. Not exactly what I had in mind.

    So, is there an actual patron saint for planner's, and if not, I want/need one

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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    Depends on whether you work for the public sector, or the private sector.

    Did somebody say SATAN?!

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    Cyburbian Wannaplan?'s avatar
    Aug 2001
    Rustbelt Incognito
    For those who are into environmental and regional planning: Lewis Mumford

    For those who like sprawl: Peter Gordon

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    Oct 2000
    Under a pile of back issue Plannings
    Hmm, I've got a couple for you to choose from, SW MI Planner:
    Patron Saint of:

    Abuse Victims - St. Adelaide and St. Godelieve
    Advocates - St. Ivo of Kermartin
    Against Slander - St John Nepomuncene
    Civil Engineers - St. Ferdinand III of Castile
    Falsely Accused People - St. Blandina
    Field Work - Dr. Benedict
    Hangovers - St. Bibiana
    Impossible Causes - St. Jude Thaddeus
    Inter-racial justice - St. Martin de Porres
    Recovering Alcoholics - St. Martin of Tours
    Sore Eyes - St. Aloysius Gonzaga
    Transportation workers - St. Christopher
    Victims of Torture - St. Hugh the Little
    White Washers - St. Killian
    Working People - St. Joseph

    Hmm.. that should do it for now, if you need more, here's the link:


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    Gunfighter Mastiff's avatar
    Oct 2001
    Middle of a Dusty Street

    No no... THIS is our guy!


    Also known as:
    Gregory of Neo Caesarea; Gregory of Neocaesarea; Gregory of Pontus; Gregory the Wonder Worker; The Wonder Worker;

    Greg the wonder worker!

    against earthquakes, desperate causes, floods, forgotten causes, impossible causes, lost causes

    You just have to love the "lost" and "impossible" causes...

    Now, check out his miracles:

    "During the construction of a church for his growing flock, the builders ran into a problem with a huge buried boulder. Gregory ordered the rock to move out of the way of his church; it did."

    "In order to stop the River Lycus from its frequent and damaging floods, Gregory planted his staff at a safe point near the river bank. He then prayed that the river would never rise past the staff. The staff took root, grew into a large tree, and the river never flooded past it again. This act led to his patronage against floods and flooding."

    "Two brothers in Gregory's diocese had inherited a piece of land that contained a lake. Unable to decide how to divide the lake, the two settled on armed combat to settle the matter. On the night before the battle, Gregory prayed for a peaceful solution to the matter. The next morning the brothers found that the lake had dried up leaving easily dividable farm land."

    "During Gregory's time in the desert during the Decian persecutions, an informer told the authorities where to find the bishop. Guards went to the site, but found nothing but two trees standing in isolation in the desert. The informer went back to the place and found that what the soldiers had seen as trees were actually Gregory and a deacon in prayer. This convinced the informer of the reality of Gregory's God, and he converted."

    So... Floodplain manager, subdivision planner, farmland preservation, and tree and landscape man!
    C'mon and get me you twist of fate
    I'm standing right here Mr. Destiny
    If you want to talk well then I'll relate
    If you don't so what cause you don't scare me

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    Oct 2000
    Under a pile of back issue Plannings
    hee! Way to go Mastiff! St. Gregory The Wonder Worker is hence forth proclaimed as the patron saint of planners.

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