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Thread: Speed, speed, speed! What about quality?

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    Aug 1997
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    Speed, speed, speed! What about quality?

    I'm tired of being asked, "How quickly can I get something rezoned?" or "How fast can I get a subdivision approved?"

    What about "How do I make a good rezoning proposal?" or "How do I design a good subdivision?" It seems the developers think zoning and subdivision review is a speed bump on the road to profit, rather than a checkpoint. Am I alone, or does everybody have this?
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    Sep 1997
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    Mar 2003
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    I Love This...
    What do you mean it can take up to two months for this process. If I had know that six months ago I could have started this process back then.
    The contractors are coming next Monday.

    But did they come in.... NO!
    It is all a matter of perspective!!!

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    Feb 2000
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    This is slightly related. My biggest peeve is building structures literally overnight that have a "design life" of 30 years. What are we saying about our society if the things that we build have such a short life expectancy. Why do we not build things that are intended to last? Sociatial short-sightedness? Does anyone care about legacy anymore? Leaving something worth a damn when you're gone? Of all the things about our dehumanizing capitalism, this is the one thing that really burns my hide.

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    Quote Originally posted by Budgie
    Why do we not build things that are intended to last? Sociatial short-sightedness? Does anyone care about legacy anymore? Leaving something worth a damn when you're gone?
    When we met with (famous design firm name here -- PM me if you want to know) about the planned greenway along the Ohio, I pointed out Olmsted's great parks in Louisville (someday I'll post photos) and that these parks are so beloved because they were built to last beyond the builders. Yeah, yeah, you are right, quality pays for itself over time.

    We get the plans and all of the street furniture is stock out of the catalog
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    I think that the most common question I get when I tell someone that a particular use is prohibited in their zoning district is "well I want to get that changed, how do I do that." When I tell them it will be 3 meetings and two public hearings, and 300 bucks, they freak out.
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