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Thread: Planners and Chronic Listing?

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    Oct 2000
    Under a pile of back issue Plannings

    Planners and Chronic Listing?

    In Michaelski's daily noon thread, JNA commented that he doesn't even keep a grocery list, which made me pause, because I am a chronic lister - gift ideas, gift's I've already purchased for next christmas, things we need on our next trip to sam's, all my friends and family clothing sizes, etc. Does anyone else do this, or is my OCD showing? And if you do this, what lists do YOU keep?
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    Dec 2001
    West Valley, AZ
    Grocery lists are developed 5-8 minutes prior to the shopping expedition.

    Other lists don't exist. I keep trying to metally organize my entire life. I think it's about time to 'document' everything so I know things don't slip through the cracks.

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    Aug 2003
    The Wonderland Way
    Mrs. G lives by lists. I don't.
    This explains why I have to go back to the grocery/hardware/post office multiple trips and she does not.
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    Jul 2002
    Chicago, IL
    In michaelski's thread, I mentioned that I've kept a nutrition/workout log for more than 10 years. It's certainly got to be an OCD trait in me, because it's not as if I've stuck to a rigid diet or workout program all that time.

    It really bothers me if I go 2-3 days without writing something down in the log, even if I've binged and had as much exercise as a doorknob.

    BTW, I do grocery lists, daily to-do lists, etc. OCD? Maybe; all I know is it keeps me focused.

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    I list everything and take notes constantly. I've found after years of listing and noting to self that my memory has become stronger. That's kind of hard to quantify but it's been my experience.

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    Sep 1999
    400 miles from Orlando
    Grocery lists
    Errand lists
    Christmas lists (ideas, purchased, wrapped)
    Things to do to get ready for a trip lists
    Trip packing lists
    Birthday party lists
    List of video games my son already has

    Just a feeble attempt at organization in a chaotic life...

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    Apr 1996
    New Hampshire
    I don't keep lists.....never have. Mental lists have always worked for me.
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    Nov 2002
    I don't keep lists but I should because I forget everything. I used to make "to do" lists everyday for when I got home, but the reality of the evening would keep me from reaching my daily goals, and they became "things I failed to do" lists.

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    Oct 2003
    Scottsdale, AZ
    My wife and I are listers!
    Groceries (we aren't monogamous at one store)
    Home Depot/Ace Hardware
    Home Improvement Projects
    Events, concerts, art exhibits, etc.
    House chores/Errands

    We keep gift lists, but not this early!

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    May 1997
    Williston, VT
    I regret to say that mental lists don't work as well for me as they used to. There was a time when I didn't have to write anything down. I don't attribute this to aging, but to opening my life up to things other than work. Whatever the cause, I am now dependent on lists!

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    Nov 2002
    Paris of Appalachia
    Quote Originally posted by Seabishop
    I don't keep lists but I should because I forget everything. I used to make "to do" lists everyday for when I got home.
    I do the same thing, but will inevitably end up leaving the list on my desk. So what's the point?

    My fiancée on the other hand is a master list maker. In fact I think she gets a thrill out of making list and generally organizing. I really give her a hard time about those OCD tendencies of hers, and have some funny stories, but I won’t share them on account she may be lurking around. And we all know that she doesn’t need to read anything that states she may be less than perfect.

    Only Lord knows how I must drive that sweet woman nuts at times.

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    Aug 2001
    I do lots of lists. Mostly because it helps me remember. I'm one of those types that don't remember things well unless I read it or write it. Listening to a lecture, I would only remember it if I was taking notes as I was listening. I can never look at the notes again, and still remember most of a lecture just from writing it down. So lists are a good way for me to remember what I need to do... even if I forget to bring a list with me or never refer to it again.

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    Jul 1998
    On the Mother River
    Bird lists are the only ones I keep.
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    I make a list of CDs that I want to buy in my wallet because everytime I enter a record store my mind goes blank and I forget everything I wanted to buy. I also keep a list of movies that I would like to rent. When I grocery shop, I only bring a list if I am planning on making something from a cookbook or internet recipe, because I will forget some key item if I don't. Same with when I make tacos. There are so many ingredients to remember. I have come home on numerous occasions and realized that I forgot shells or tomatoes, or sour cream. Otherwise I kind of make a mental list.

    Every friday afternoon I make a "to do" list for the following week of work because I used to come in on Mondays and forget a lot of small things, such as returning phone calls.

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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    I am constantly making lists. I need them to remain focussed - only problem is, I enjoy making lists/plans much more than actually doing the work.

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    Feb 2000
    Sans Souci
    The only "to do" type of list I keep is at work. Things fly at me from all angles so I need this list to make sure things that need do, get done. Just about the time my to do list gets down to 6 or 7 low priority things, all hell breaks loose and I get up to 15 to 20 things. It like old faithful.

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    Feb 2003
    Encroaching on something
    Quote Originally posted by Repo Man
    I make a list of CDs that I want to buy in my wallet because everytime I enter a record store my mind goes blank and I forget everything I wanted to buy.

    That is an excellent idea. I think I will need to implement that list. However, I worry that I may actually forget that I made the list, thus, making it useless.

    At my last job, we all had to go to Franklin Covey training, which was great and I actually like to use. However, my current job does not have the same stresses so I don't get to use their system that often.

    I make to do lists at work and grocery lists. I try at other lists, such as what to pack when going on vacation and gift lists, but they tend to be time killers at work. Since I plan in my work life, I do not make lists on the weekends, which of course drives my husband nuts. So he makes "lists" for me that I occassionally will do something off of. I mostly ignore his lists since they do not coincide with my plans. I only do one or two of the items to make him feel like he is being listened to.

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    Feb 2004
    on my 15 minute break
    No, I vehemently deny that planners are habitual list makers for the following reasons:
    1. We have more important things to do
    2. Lists written on paper can be lost
    3. Lists imply hierarchy where none may exist.....

    Oh wait a minute!........AAAAAAHHHH!
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    Jul 2003
    SW-Coastal WA
    My experience is similar to Lee's: I used to not keep written lists because I had no trouble keeping it all in my head. I attribute SOME of my need for lists to all the drugs I have taken in the past 3 years but I also attribute a lot of it to other changes in my life.

    I used to be "solely" responsible for what everyone ate and I cooked a lot, etc. I did not even keep a "mental list" of groceries we needed because I knew what we ate and knew what was in the pantry, and I was able to be flexible enough to walk through the grocery store, see what fresh foods were available and so on, and "plan" our upcoming meals on the fly. Now that all 4 family members are on different schedules, my kids get their own meals, and so on, we have a centralized place for everyone to make notes on a running grocery list. It sits conveniently near the front door so that either my husband or I can grab it if we are on our way to the grocery store.

    I used to keep track of all medical and dental appointments for me and both kids for 6 months or a year out without a list. Now I can't do that, in part because I have a specialist and my oldest son has a specialist, etc. It takes a bit more planning than it used to, in part because these specialists are in a different city, not local.

    But stuff like that used to be "all" I had to really mentally keep track of, when my kids were little and running me physically ragged but not making much of a demand on my mental capacity. My life was pretty intellectually empty -- it just didn't take all that much of my available mental capacity to have all these lists in my head in an otherwise intellectually vacuous situation, where I felt like I was in danger or losing my mind from the lack of intellectual stimulation. It taught me virtues like patience and it had other valuable outcomes, but it doesn't take a ton of brains to change diapers, pull "security" on toddlers at the playground, and do laundry.

    Now, I am in college and so forth and I have a lot more on my mind. So, I do use lists these days.

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    Dec 2003
    I keep everything upstairs, which is why I'm constantly forgetting things.

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    Jul 2003
    Down by Dun Ringill
    Blog entries
    I am a listaholic. I keep a list of books I've read. I have a list of beers I've tried. A list of favorite things (movies, writers, actors and actresses, etc) A list of women I want to, well, you know (that one I keep in my head, so the wife doesn't get hold of it). The list goes on. :-}

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    Jul 2003
    Quote Originally posted by Tranplanner
    I am constantly making lists. I need them to remain focussed - only problem is, I enjoy making lists/plans much more than actually doing the work.
    This is my main problem, too...I'm finishing up my thesis and I spend more time planning what I need to do than actually doing it

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    Mar 2004
    No Where Man
    Quote Originally posted by Trail Nazi

    At my last job, we all had to go to Franklin Covey training
    I never have been in my 3+ years...at this point people just assume I have been.

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    Dec 2001
    I am a lister, and I was taught by my planner mom the best way to do it is to have just one too many lists. I have a list for everything, and probably 3 more laying around because of revisions. Grocery lists are made up into categories and in how we tour the market, all other lists are in order of importance or on my whims that day. It's bad. That man has to ask which list we're working off every week because there are so many. I have an enitre book of wedding lists and planning stuff, and no, I'm not talking a few pages, it's a nearly full 200 page bound notebook. The house file is nearly just as bad now, colors, prices, etc.. all listed out. I need lists anon.
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    I have a list for everything, and probably 3 more laying around because of revisions.
    List revisions (drool)

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