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Thread: Best NIMBY quote

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    Apr 1997
    In a Van Down By the River

    Best NIMBY quote

    Currently working with a recreation engineering consultant to get a whitewater park built on a creek that runs through our village core. The plan involves the placement of 3 small (18") waterfalls in the creek. An adjacent condo association owner spoke against the proposal monday night and called it a nuisance. Planning commissioner asked what they specifically objected to..."we object to the noise created by the waterfalls in the creek. We like the way the creek sounds now."

    Unbelievable. This is an association made up of people who spend 2-4 weeks a year in our resort town.

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    I dont mind if people from the new subdivision drive past my house, as long as I know them.

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    Adjoining subdivision of pathetic post war homes didn't like the neo-traditional plan. One person was oppossed because, every time they saw a drive by shooting on the Chicago news, the setting was an inner city neighborhood with porches.

    Suggest a new bumper sticker: Guns don't kill people, porches do.

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