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Thread: How are shooting ranges regulated?

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    How are shooting ranges regulated?

    Does anyone have anything in their local zoning ordinance about the regulation of indoor or outdoor shooting ranges? I am with the Lancaster County, SC planning department and would appreciate any information or links to information that is available. I am particularly interested in regulations that address outdoor skeet ranges and indoor firing ranges. Thanks.

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    Most ordinances I am familiar with regulate the outdoor ranges in a category with similar impacts - noise is a big issue, as well as significant separation for safety - are perhaps a lot size which ensures separation from other uses. They are also often prohibited in certain zones or land use districts.

    Indoor ranges are a different matter, because they are enclosed there are not the impacts associated with outdoor ranges. Therefore, they can be treated like any other general or heavy commercial.

    In both cases, you need to consider the accumulation of lead and how to monitor, what to do, etc.

    Good luck.

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    Kent County Md. treats shotting ranges as a conditional use with review by the zoning board of appeals and site plan review by the planning commission. The surrounding area must be predominately undeveloped and the board may require review after aset period of time usually 3 - 5 years. The planning commission requires substantial screening and fencing. We have several sporting clay operations n the county. So far the only complaints we've recieved have concerned noise.

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