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Thread: Welcome to local government

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    Welcome to local government

    My boss started as a secretary and now is an administrator for a community of 20,000. She is in way over her head and protects her job by keeping all the information to herself. The zoning guy and I spent several days getting info on an undeveloped rural area that is about to get water and she had all the info we needed.She has a bunch of religious plaques in her office but regulary accepts perks from developers and does favors for businesses in the area. Are all local governments like this or am I just lucky?

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    Today, I suggested having a weekly staff meeting b/c no one knows what anyone else is doing. The administrator said she had one scheduled once a month but we were too busy to have one! Of course we're too busy. We keep duplicating each others' work. It's time consuming.

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    Many local government are so arrogant. They will treat other people as sub-human. They don't really care about their community or people's rights.

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    What's that saying? Everyone rises to their level of incompetance? Hang in there. I have a great administrator and supportive politicians. As long as I make sense they tend to see the logic. Just remember your Adminsitrator probably has all the religious plaques in her office because she needs divine intervention.

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