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Thread: what does an urban designer do?

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    Apr 2004
    Philadelphia, PA

    what does an urban designer do?

    I am going to attend a masters program in the fall for City and Regional Planning. One of the options of the program is to attain a certificate in Urban Design. I am attracted to the design side of planning more than the policy side, though I feel that both are important. What kind of work can I expect to find if I specialize in urban design? Will I actually be able to be involved in design coming from a planning program versus and architecture background? I do not have an architecture background, but I am currently involved in the design field as a web and graphic designer.

    Thank you for any insight!


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    Jun 2003
    NSW, Australia
    This question gets asked every now and then on Cyburbia. Here is a link to the last time it was asked. In my post on that thread there is a further link to the responses from the thread asking the same question the time before that.

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