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Thread: Eurotunnel (Channel Tunnel Owner) Facing Shareholder Rebellion and Bankruptcy

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    Oct 2001
    Arlington, Virginia

    Eurotunnel (Channel Tunnel Owner) Facing Shareholder Rebellion and Bankruptcy

    This article covers the history of this project:

    Deep in debt

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    Apr 2003
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    saw this on BBC World and Le Journal

    greed . . . it's funny to me to see how maniacal people will get when they're not being compensated for work they're not doing.

    On one hand i feel bad for them b/c they were misled by their leaders but on the other hand i think "that's what you get for trusting a politician" and more seriously
    The stock market is slightly more sophisticated than playing poker. Like all games of chance you have to know that the house always wins.

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