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Thread: Eurotunnel (Channel Tunnel Owner) Facing Shareholder Rebellion and Bankruptcy

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    Oct 2001
    Arlington, Virginia

    Eurotunnel (Channel Tunnel Owner) Facing Shareholder Rebellion and Bankruptcy

    This article covers the history of this project:

    Deep in debt

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    Apr 2003
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    saw this on BBC World and Le Journal

    greed . . . it's funny to me to see how maniacal people will get when they're not being compensated for work they're not doing.

    On one hand i feel bad for them b/c they were misled by their leaders but on the other hand i think "that's what you get for trusting a politician" and more seriously
    The stock market is slightly more sophisticated than playing poker. Like all games of chance you have to know that the house always wins.
    Indeed you can usually tell when the concepts of democracy and citizenship are weakening. There is an increase in the role of charity and in the worship of volunteerism. These represent the élite citizen's imitation of noblesse oblige; that is, of pretending to be aristocrats or oligarchs, as opposed to being citizens.

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