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Thread: Weather Forcast for DC??

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    Weather Forcast for DC??

    Anyone in the DC area know what the weather holds in store for those of us decending upon the nation's capital for the APA Conference?

    I saw some forcasts looking for some rain early next week....but wondered if anyone local had a better handle on things.
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    May 2002
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    Just checked weather.com and it's not looking too bad. Chance of a few showers Sunday and Monday, but nothing serious and highs around 70. Could be worse.
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    Rub it in that SOME of us will be stuck at work during that time!!!!!

    [Rain Spirits conjure] May the rains be merciless and plentiful during the final week of April. [/Rain Spirits conjure]
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    Mar 2002
    The weather is wonderful but tree pollen count is VERY high-the world is covered in YELLOW!

    Pack a light jacket for evenings if we get showers otherwise its very comfortable.

    See yall soon!
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    Dec 2003
    Saturday and Saturday Night: Protestors clash with police in the mall. Injuries in the lower 70s. Protestors tapper off by evening.

    Sunday and Sunday Night: Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of a man driving a tractor having a standoff with police. Highs in the mid 60s. Lows in the upper 40s.
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    Quote Originally posted by Planderella
    Rub it in that SOME of us will be stuck at work during that time!!!!!

    [Rain Spirits conjure] May the rains be merciless and plentiful during the final week of April. [/Rain Spirits conjure]
    Exactly! From the King to the rain...stay the hell away from the Big Easy during the final week of April/beginning of May...Jazz Fest time!!!
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    The weather is going to be great. I would not be too worried about the showers. I would be concerned about the IMF protestors more than the weather. RT put it very nicely about the forecast.

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